PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

JWELL offer High efficiency, high output PVC solid wall extruder.

A variety of specifications and models of PVC twin-screw extruder can produce pipes of different diameters and different wall thicknesses.
Specially designed screw structure with uniform plasticization and high output. Extrusion molds made of high quality alloy steel, internal flow channel chrome plating, polishing treatment, wear and corrosion resistance; with a dedicated high-speed sizing sleeve, pipe surface quality is good;
The special cutter for PVC pipe adopts a rotating clamping device, which does not require replacing the fixture with different pipe diameters. With chamfering device, cutting, chamfering, one-step molding. Support optional online belling machine.

Technical Specification

Model Diameter(mm) Extruder Capacity (kg/h)
JWG-63 (Two Strand)  Φ16~ Φ63 SJZ65/132 250~300
JWG-110  Φ20~ Φ110 SJZ65/132 250~300
JWG-160  Φ50~ Φ160 SJZ65/132 250~300
JWG-250  Φ75~ Φ250 SJZ80/156 300~450
JWG-400  Φ200~ Φ400 SJZ80/173 450~600
JWG-500  Φ250~ Φ500 SJZ80/173 450~600
JWG-630  Φ315~ Φ630 SJZ92/188 650~750
JWG-800  Φ400~ Φ800 SJP135/31OR SJZ95/192 850~1000
JWG-1000  Φ630~ Φ1000 SJP135/31 OR SJZ110/220 1100~1200
JWG-1200  Φ800~ Φ1200 SJP135/31 OR SJZ110/220 1100~1200

Machine Type (JWG-63 Two Strand)

Machine Type (JWG-630)

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  • High Quality Jwell machine barrels , screws , T-die and roller all by ourselves , we control the machine quality from drawing design to final installation .
  • Save Your 30% Money Comparable to the quality of Top Germany’s extruders , reasonable affordable prices . High effective single screw extruders and twin screw extruders .
  • Global Sales Service Jwell has sales office in Turkey , Vietnam , Thailand , Brazil , Canada , there are over 500 plastic engineers serve Jwell customer all over the world .
  • On Time Delivery Of Spare Parts We have almost all key parts of our products in stock and We remotely monitor the cloud status of the machine and provide timely maintenance suggestions ,we promise your extruder will never stop running .

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