PET Bottle Flakes Recycling Pelletizing Machine

PET bottle flakes in the process of recycling has strict requirements to the viscosity of the granules, Jwell has developed advanced strand cutting in water, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.

High efficient vacuum keeps the IV drop minor

Optimized screw design avoids yellowing

Streamline the process

Pre-drying-free technology saves energy up to 35%

Minimize the investment

Translucent plastic bottle on bottle flake or plastic bottle crushed


Technical Specification

Model L/D Screw Speed (rpm) Capacity Range ( kg/hr)
CJWH75 40~48 300~500 300~500
CJWH85 40~48 300~500 400~600
CJWH95 40~48 300~500 1000~1200

Machine Type (CJWS95/40)

Machine Type (CJWH75/40)

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Why Choose Jwell

  • High Quality Jwell machine barrels , screws , T-die and roller all by ourselves , we control the machine quality from drawing design to final installation .
  • Save Your 30% Money Comparable to the quality of Top Germany’s extruders , reasonable affordable prices . High effective single screw extruders and twin screw extruders .
  • Global Sales Service Jwell has sales office in Turkey , Vietnam , Thailand , Brazil , Canada , there are over 500 plastic engineers serve Jwell customer all over the world .
  • On Time Delivery Of Spare Parts We have almost all key parts of our products in stock and We remotely monitor the cloud status of the machine and provide timely maintenance suggestions ,we promise your extruder will never stop running .

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