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Melt Blown Machine

Jwell develop high quality melt blown Fabric machine , which can produce melt blown cloth meet BFE95 even BFE98.

Jwell provides turn-key solutions for melt-blown fabric production line. Help you to produce high quality meltblown fabric.

Equipment details

Equipment Parameter Table:

Equipment Parameter Table
ModelProduct width (mm)GSM range (g/sq.m)Capacity (kgld)Max Speed (m/min)

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Melt blown fabric machine process :

Meltblown fabric is a non-woven fabric made  by melt blown method with high MFI (1200/1500/1800 g/10min, Condition 2.16kg,   230°C) PP as the main raw material.

The melt-blown process uses high-speed hot air to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the die orifice, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers  and condensing on the screen or roller, and relying on self-adhesion and become a non-woven fabric.

3D drawing:

Dosing system;Extruder;Screen changer;Metering pump;
Spinning beam with vertical positioning above the conveyor belt;
Spin pack;Melt pipeline; Air heating unit; Screw blower (compressor);
Electrostatic (electret) charging unit; Process air cooling system;
Web forming unit ;Edge control device; Clamping shafts;Supporting shafts;
Drive system ;Suction blower.;Winding unit:

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Why choose Jwell
  • No.1 biggest plastic extruder supplier in China

    Jwell has over 43 years' experience in machining barrel and screw , we sale over 3000 sets of extruders every year and we continues serve many global company , such as Simona , Rocheling , Brett Martin , Beko , LG , Samsung , Sika , GSE etc
  • Global sales service

    Jwell has sales office in Turkey , Vietnam , Thailand , Brazil , Canada , there are over 500 plastic engineers serve Jwell customer all over the world .
  • Save your 30% money

    Comparable to the quality of Top Germany's extruders , reasonable affordable prices . High effective single screw extruders and twin screw extruders .
  • On time delivery of spare parts

    We have almost all key parts of our products in stock and We remotely monitor the cloud status of the machine and provide timely maintenance suggestions ,we promise your extruder will never stop running .

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