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Twin screw extruder series

Parallel Corotating Twin Screw Extruders

CJWS series twin-screw extruders mainly focus on middle and high level customers all around the world, pursuing even higher quality, performance and excellent liability. The machine equipped high torque level gearbox or imported gearbox, the technical specifications, product performance and comprehensive quality is on international advanced level. It has outstanding cost-performance advantage compared with world-class products

Equipment Parameter Table:

Parallel twin screw extruder
ModelDiameter(mm)L/DScrew speed (rpm)Motor Power (kw)Torque per shaft (N.M)Specific Torque T/A3Capacity range (kg/hr)
CJWS3535.724~68600/100037/5529711100~200 140~280
CJWS4041.324~68600/100055/9045211140~280 225~450
CJWS5251.724~68600/900110/16087511275~550 400~800
CJWS6562.724~68600/900200/280154711500~1000 700~1400
CJWS7571.424~68600/800280/400237611700~1400 1000~2000
CJWS8581.424~68600/800400/5603428111000~2000 1400~2800
CJWS9593.524~68600/700630/7305220111600~3200 1800~3600
CJWS110110.624~68500/600800/9008019112000~4000 2250~4500
CJWS120120.624~68500/6001100/130011000112750~5500 3250~6500
CJWS135132.524~68400/5001100/140014641112750~5500 3500~7000
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