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Barrel series


Jinhailuo is the best screw brand since 1978 . Nearly 40 years of experience and history in the manufacture of screw and barrel .

We have more than 10 groups furnace that depth can up to 12.5m , and a number of advanced screw and barrel professional processing equipment to meet the larger scale equipment's high quality demand . We have processed the diameter of the screw and barrel can be reached 350mm.

Jwell will continue to keep innovation and improvement . Using high quality alloy steel as the base material, controlling the whole process of the quenching and tempering , qualitative , nitriding , surface alloy process .

Single screw and barrel

The main applications:
Tempering hardness : 270~300 HV
Nitride hardness : 900~1020 HV
Nitride layer hardness : 0.5~0.8mm
Nitride brittleness : less 1 grade
Surface roughness : Ra 0.4um

Screw material and manufacturing range :
Screw material : 38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645) , 42CrMo(JIS SCM440)SKD61
Screw diameter range : 12~350mm
Maximum length of the screw : 9000mm
Surface treatment : PTA , lon Nitride , heatment , gas Nitride , hard chrome plating , phosphor nickel alloy plating

Barrel material and manufacturing range :
Screw material : 38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645) , 42CrMo(JIS SCM440)  SKD61
Screw diameter range : 12~350mm
Maximum length of the screw : 12000mm
Surface treatment : Centrifugal casting , medium frequency , gas   oxidation , Nitride , hard chrome plating , phosphor nickel alloy plating

Conical twin screw

This series screw designed for mainly PVC products , conical twin screw rotate in lower speed , the material inside the barrel under a stable and uniform shear , shorter screw , shorter duration time of material , especially suitable for heat-sensitive material plasticizing process .

The main applications :
Including PVC pipe , PP/PVC/PE WPC extrusion , PVC skinning foaming plate , PVC profile , PVC/PP corrugated pipe , PVC floor leather products , PVC waterproof membrane .

The main technical data :
Material : 38 CrMoAlA ( JIS SACM645) 9 Cr18MoV
Heat treatment : Nitriding treatment , spraying coating Bimetallic alloy Depth of nitration layer : 0.5~0.8mm
Hardness of nitration : 900~1020HV
Fragility of nitration : less than grade one
Roughness of the surface : Ra0.4
Linearity of the screw : 0.015mm
The surface hard chromium plating hardness after Nitrogenation :> 950Hv
Chrome-plating layer thickness : 0.025~0.085mm

Counter-rotate parallel twin screw

The screw consists of two parallel cylindrical screws , which rotate to the opposite direction , parallel double screw rotational speed is low , less heat , shear stability screw for material conveying ability is strong , have good exhaust effect at the same time .

The main application :
includes PVC pipe and profile extruder , PP PE sheet product
Material :38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645) , 42CrMo(JIS SCM440), 9Cr18MoV CW6Mo5Cr4V2
Heat-treating : Nitriding treatment , electroplate hard-chrome finish , spray coating bimetallic-alloy

Alloy series screw

Jwell adopts new generation technology HP/HVOF totally bimetallic coating spraying instead of PTA ridge , spraying welding , WPT1 anti-corrosion type.
In bimetallic barrel of melt , the carbon tungsten containing has been raised from the 10% to 30% and 50% now ,the processing length increased from 3000mm to 4000mm.

The main technical data :
Base material of bimetallic barrel :  45# 40Cr
Bimetallic type : Centrifugal casting
Application: For extrusion machine and injection molding machine
Products range : inner diameter 12~350mm
Effective length: 12000mm
Nitriding layer thickness : 0.5mm~0.8mm
Nitriding layer hardness : HV960
Straightness : 0.015mm/m
Chrome coated layer :0.02mm~0.085mm
Suitable plastic material : PP PE ABS AS PS
Screw base material : SACM645 SCM440 38CrMoAlA
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