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Film Extrusion

TPU Film Extrusion Line

Jwell develop different kinds of TPU film extrusion machine,film can be used in clothing and footwear, medical equipment, Invisible Car Clothing.

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TPU Casting Composite Film Production Line

TPU composite fabric is a kind of composite material formed by TPU film composite on various fabrics. Combined with the characteristics of the two different materials, a new fabric is obtained, which can be used in various online composite materials such as clothing and footwear materials, sports fitness equipment, inflatable toys, etc.
   The production line adopts one-step casting and laminating mode. The production line has high-speed automation function and realizes single-sided or double-sided online composite forming mode, replacing the traditional offline two-step and three-step composite forming mode, reducing product production process, greatly reducing production cost and improving production efficiency, and at the same time improving composite strength and product quality.
Equipment Parameter Table
ModelProduct widthProduct  thicknessCapacity( Max. kg/h)

TPU Film Production Line/Hot Melt Film Production Line

TPU material is thermoplastic polyurethane, which can be divided into polyester and polyether. TPU film has excellent characteristics of high tension, high elasticity, high wear resistance and aging resistance, and has the excellent characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, mildew proof and antibacterial, biocompatibility, etc. It is widely used in shoes, clothing, inflatable toys, water and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, car seat materials, umbrellas, bags, packaging materials, and can also be used in optical and military fields.    This production line adopts high-speed extrusion calendering and casting. The product quality is excellent and controllable. The thickness of the product is 0.01-2.0 mm, and the width is 1000-3000 mm. It is suitable for TPU film products with transparent color, frosting, fog surface and multilayer composite
Equipment Parameter Table
ModelProduct widthProduct  thicknessCapacity( Max. kg/h)

TPU High-low Temperature/High-elastic Film Co-extrusion Line

TPU raw materials with different temperature and hardness ranges are extruded by two or three extruders at one time. Compared with the traditional composite process, it is more economical, more environmentally friendly and more efficient to recombine high-temperature and low-temperature thin films offline.
   Products are widely used in water-proof strips, shoes, clothing, bags, stationery, sports goods and so on.
Equipment Parameter Table
ModelProduct widthProduct  thicknessCapacity( Max. kg/h)

TPU Invisible Car Clothing Production Line

TPU invisible film is a new type of high-performance environmental protection film, which is widely used in automobile decoration maintenance industry. It is a common name of transparent paint protection film. It has strong toughness. After mounting, it can insulate the automobile paint surface from the air, and has high brightness for a long time. After subsequent processing, the car coating film has scratch self-healing performance, and can protect the paint surface for a long time.
   This production line adopts special design patent tape casting composite molding technology, special extrusion screw design for TPU aliphatic materials, equipped with automatic up and down release film unwinding device, on-line automatic adjustment and control of film thickness, full-automatic winding system and other advanced mature technologies in the industry, so as to realize the automatic and stable operation of the production line.
Equipment Parameter Table
ModelProduct widthProduct  thicknessCapacity( Max. kg/h)
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